Design Component
Create a free Portfolium account through Georgia State University.

  • Upload a professional headshot.
  • Feature your resume.
  • Post details of three recent activities (jobs, organizations, class or community projects, volunteerism,  etc).

Written Component
Type a one-page summary of your Portfolium profile in MLA format. Please address the following questions. 

  • What is the purpose of your Portolium page?
  • Who is your intended audience (other than the professor)?
  • What is the message or theme of your profile?
  • What is the biggest accomplishment on your resume?
  • What skills did you acquire by participating in those three activities? Explain each one.
  • What do you want your audience to learn about you through this graphic?

Upload a link to your Portfolium page, along with the written summary, to the Media Project folder.