Online Students

In 5-7 minutes, give an Argumentative speech on a controversial topic. Try to convince your audience that your position is right. Use the Argumentative essay outline as guidance.

Do not read your speech. Instead prepare an outline or notecards to jog your memory. Do not stop and start the video. Please run through the entire presentation as if you are presenting live.

Please dress in business attire. A visual aid is also required (image, graph, chart, etc.). The presentation is equivalent to an essay grade, and it is entirely voluntary

Session Time:

Scoring Criteria:
Excellent (demonstrates superior creativity, originality, or understanding in approach, content, or presentation)
Above average (demonstrates creativity, originality, or understanding beyond basic expectations)
Acceptable (meets basic expectations for presentation, approach and content)
Marginal (below average in presentation, approach, understanding or content)

Rating Scale:       0-5 = Marginal      6-10 = Acceptable   11-15 = Above Average   15-20 = Excellent

 ______Introduction/Thesis: (e.g. presents background needed to understand topic; clearly states thesis by taking a side on the controversy) 
______ Content: (e.g., concise, logically organized; supporting details and evidence are clear) 
 ______Conclusions: (e.g., summarizes thesis, reviews main topics, provides clincher) 
 ______Visual Aids: (e.g., appropriate amount of information; effective use of graphics or images) 
 ______Presentation Style: (e.g. professional dress, good voice volume, enunciation, speed; good poise, eye contact; free of hesitations and distracting mannerisms; engages general audience) 

Total Score: